Tiyaro ML Models API Documentation

Tiyaro makes AI/ML models available as API. Our goal is to make AI/ML accessible to all developers. Developers can use the model explorer to discover models based on their use case (twitter sentiment analysis, forest fires, faces etc), the name of the model (effecientnet, bert, gpt2, etc), model framework (Tensorflow, PyTorch, XGBoost) or model author. All models found on Tiyaro are instantly available for use as an API. As of this writing there are 14,320 models from 2,843 authors/publishers.

Developers do not have to worry about provisioning these models, you just use them as you need and you pay for only what you use. Every developer also gets generous amounts of ‘free credits’ to explore the Tiyaro Universe.

This Guide is for developers trying to use the Tiyaro Model API in their application.